Monday, March 28, 2011

A Visit to Vosges Haut Chocolat Boutique

{Chocolate bars galore}
Whoever said that you can’t buy happiness never ate Vosges Chocolate.
Day 2, we visited the flagship shop on Michigan Avenue because we were right across the street. But if you are ever happen upon their Lincoln Park boutique you can splurge on their wine pairings with chocolate, which I hear is worth the trip (Lori has been there and can fill  you in!). 

Word has gotten around on Vosges who now have stores in New York and Vegas.  For those who've never heard of Vosges, they make dreamy, unique chocolate concoctions that boast international flavor inspired by Chef Katrina Markoff's travels from around the world (You can learn more about her and her story, here).  The Michigan Ave. store is small but well-stocked and you can find something that fits every budget.  The girls working behind the counter are super friendly: helpful and ready to answer any questions with that unbeatable Midwestern charm. 

It was hard choosing what we wanted; really, I should not be unsupervised in this store.  Lana, my daughter, chose a Mo bar, an applewood bacon, smoked salt and milk chocolate bar, and I regretfully put back a caramel blood-orange chocolate bar in lieu of truffles.  Then we admired the cutest floppy-eared chocolate  bunnies and a giant chocolate covered mushroom displayed just in time for Easter, hung out a bit in the nook in the corner with the large hanging chandelier, and noshed on a few truffles.

{Lana enjoying the sweet smell of chocolate.}

{Truffles and aforementioned Chocolate mushroom in case}
 We had more family bonding time at home after our whirlwind trip recapping our time in Chicago, sampling and sharing some Vosges truffles.  Hip Hop, Disco and Funk, the Naga and the Wooloomooloo were our favorites. 

{Hello little truffles, just waiting to be eaten!}

As a side note it’s funny to hear your 11 year-old tell her 9 year old-brother, “Don’t just scarf them down…You have to savor it!”
Foodies in the making… I am a proud mother!

P.S. If you visit Vosges, try their Spicy Red Fire Toffee, delicious and addictive.  I spied some Red Fire Chocolate Tortilla Chips that looked intriguing too. Saving those for next time! 

{Photos of candy bar and sample candy bar pieces in bowls, courtesy of Google Images}

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